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West London Art Factory
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Self Portrait

Years ago the people who appeared in my work represented a family, real and imagined. Through them I searched for experiences - past, present and future - which are both widely shared and intensely personal. The medium I used to express this human interaction was founded on the eternal qualities of oil and water, embracing or rejecting in an infinite variety of ways. Today those sacred people are still in my paintings, but the intervening chain of events has meant that they are no longer recognisable in quite the same way although the materials which honoured them have not changed. My most recent paintings on this theme were inspired by my residency at Ifitry, Morocco. In them I juxtaposed drawings suggested by European Renaissance masters with local pigments and calligraphic marks.


Press Release

Winner: Art Book Award 2009

Angaza Afrika: African Art Now by Chris Spring, published by Laurence King (£25.00 paperback, 350 colour illustrations, 336 pages ISBN 13: 978-1-85669-548-0).

Winner: Choice (USA) Award for Outstanding Academic Title of 2013

Out Now!: African Textiles Today by Chris Spring (British Museum Press, £30 hardback; ISBN: 978-0-7141-1559-7). Includes textile-related works by Africa's foremost contemporary artists and photographers.

At work in my studio
(Photo - Saul Peckham)


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