I was educated at Malvern, Brasenose College Oxford and Heatherley's School of Art before becoming a curator of the African collections of the British Museum in 1987. My doctorate in Professional studies by Public Works is from Middlesex University. The Sainsbury African Galleries opened to the public at the BM in 2001, and as curator I have concentrated in particular on building up the Museum's collection of textiles and contemporary African art. I have worked with artists in many African countries and around the world, while at the same time developing my own practice in London, first at the Small Mansion Arts Centre, Gunnersbury, then at Palace Wharf, Fulham and now at West London Art Factory, Acton, where I currently have my studio. I have helped to organise TRIANGLE artists' workshops in Mozambique, Ghana and Nigeria, and in 2013 I undertook a residency at the Arts Centre in Ifitry, Morocco.

Ark 1

Selected Group Shows

1982 Jubilee. Hamilton's Gallery London.
1996 Figureworks. The Small Mansion Arts Centre, London
1997 Checkout. Waterman's Arts Centre, London.
1998 Well Hung. The Small Mansion Arts Centre, London.
2000 Family. Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, London.
2001 Beyond the Boundaries. Artmonsky Arts.
2002 Summer Exhibition, Diesel House, London.
2002 Interiors. Karen Taylor Contemporary, London.
2003 Small Mansion Artists, London
2008 Inspired!: The British Museum, London
2014 2nd International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Casablanca, Morocco

One Person Exhibitions

1987 Drawings and Dreams. Theatre Royal, Winchester.
1989 Drawings and Dreams II. Athawes Art Gallery, London.
1998 Down the Garden Path. Small Mansion Arts Centre, London.
1999 Innocence and Experience. Studio Gallery, London.
2001 Green and Dying. Jersey Galleries, London.
2004 Lifelines. Kufa Gallery, London
2005-13 Association for Cultural Advancement through the Visual Arts
2015-16 West London Art Factory

Tree of Life

African Arts

Exhibitions curated at the British Museum include:

1995-1996 Power of the Hand: African Arms and Armour.
1995-1997 Display and Modesty: North African Textiles.
1995-1996 Secular and Sacred: Ethiopian Textiles.
2001- Africa: the Sainsbury African Galleries.
2005 Kanga: Printed Cloth from eastern Africa
2007-2009 La Bouche du Roi: an artwork by Romuald Hazoumé
2010 A South African Landscape
2013 Social Fabric: African Textiles Today
2016 South Africa

Published Books and Co-Authored Works

1989 African Textiles. London. (2nd edition. 1997)
1989 Swords and Hilt Weapons. London. (repr. 1993, 1996).
1991 African Textile Design. Kyoto, Japan.
1993 African Arms and Armour. London and Washington, D.C.
1995 North African Textiles. London and Washington, D.C.
2000 Africa: Arts and Cultures. London.
2002 Silk in Africa: London.
2008 Angaza Afrika: African Art Now; London, New York and Cape Town
2009 African Art in Detail; London and Washington
2012 African Textiles Today, London
2015 African Art Close-Up
2016 South Africa

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